SOA Lightning

Harnessing the power of SOA
SOA Vision

Understanding the real-world value of Service Oriented Architecture is a critical success factor for development of your SOA Strategy.

It is not just about technology and tooling. SOA is not something that you can simply buy off the shelf, implement and then magically reap the benefits. Rather, it's a careful balance of effective vision, planning, diligent management, and execution.

Developing a SOA vision leads to success. It is the core from which to build your SOA solution and it should include:

  • SOA Vision
  • SOA Mission
  • SOA Scope
  • SOA Process, Principles, Patterns, Standards
  • Enterprise Business and Technology Alignment
  • SOA Technology Capabilities
  • SOA Services
  • Enterprise Integration

The advantages and benefits of SOA (business process configuration, shared information and data consistency, enterprise integration, reuse, agility, adaptability, mitigation of impact from change, and services development cost containment) can be reached. Yet, they are not easily achieved. They require diligent focus and compliance. Taking short-cuts can detract from, reduce or even prohibit your ability to reap the rewards of SOA.

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